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Intercom System has been put together with the one main purpose in mind: helping you achieve a better understanding and a firmer grasp of the ever growing intercom market. There are many different categories of intercom system applications and intercom solutions are constantly developing due to new, cutting edge technologies.

Hence, in order to become a more informed consumer, one needs to learn how to navigate through the many fields in the world of intercom systems.

As citizens of a modern, technologically developed society, most of us tend to take for granted the comfort and ease provided to us by security intercom systems and other intercom system application that make our everyday life much simpler and safer.

In the last 60 years, intercom solutions have become a prominent fixture in many residential buildings as well as businesses. Home intercom systems have evolved to provide us entertainment as well as security. Wireless intercom has made both installation and handling of intercom systems much more "elegant" and user friendly.
Integrated intercom security systems are taking this to next level and allowing for an encompassing collaboration between different systems and devices.

intercomThanks to these progresses, intercom solutions have become integrated security systems, rendering possible the use of video, phone and even wireless intercom technologies in life saving as well as entertainment applications.
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